With Hall Spars, you always get the ultimate in performance. The mast fits your boat, your sails, and your crew as soon as it’s stepped. Our commitment to performance shows in the race record of our masts and in their record of longevity.

The Science of Seamless

Since opening our doors in 1980, there has been only one way to do things at Hall Spars- the best way. Only the best people, the best tools, the best methods and the best materials give you the best results.

Each Hall Spars factory uses the identical seamless process, refined over our nearly four decades in business. This experience translates into ever-improved laminate quality as well as continued innovation in engineering and process.

Expert Engineering

With nearly four decades experience working with carbon than Hall Spars and our expert engineering is the foundation of every Hall Spars project, which guarantees a quality rig every time. To create an expertly engineered spar, we consider everything from the mast and sail combination to the overall construction of the yacht.

Our engineers use the most advanced tools such as Rig Calculation Program (RCSheet), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and other solid modelling tools that allow accurate evaluations of designs before they’re built.

They work faultlessly with both yacht and sail designers to ensure that the masts weight and centre of gravity are exactly right for the boat. They also ensure that the stiffness and bend characteristics complement the sail package for the best performance.

With us at Hall Spars, you know you are in safe and expert hands.

Mandrel Method

Hall Spars builds seamless tubes by laying up unidirectional pre-preg carbon around a male mandrel. Each mandrel is shape-optimized by Hall Spars’ engineers. Our ability to apply unidirectional carbon fiber under tension is the key to turning our complex strength and bending performance predictions into reality.

With mandrel molding, all unidirectional pre-preg material is applied continuously, without interruption along the length of the tube, ensuring strength continuity. During our process, every layer of carbon is carefully compacted before the next layer is applied, ensuring wrinkle-free laminates while minimizing voids.

Our seamless masts have tooled, smooth inside surfaces, providing highly accurate surfaces for internal mounting of close-tolerance computer-machined fittings. Outside surfaces are also extremely smooth allowing them to be clear-coated without the need for weight-adding fairing. To optimize overall bend characteristics, strategically applied layers are placed exactly where needed, maximizing tuning and performance potential.

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