In Breskens, Hall Spars has three factory buildings equaling a combined size of 7600 M², and is fully optimized to accommodate large projects comfortably and efficiently.

The European factory contains a 43-meter autoclave built to Hall’s specifications, and it processes carbon under 6-bar pressure at a temperature of 121°C with all curing monitored and computer controlled. This autoclave was designed to create masts for the America’s Cup and to manufacture most masts in one piece, in one cure cycle.

The Hall team also has available a 60-meter paint booth, for mast painting. In-house painting requires minimal movement of large masts and allows close monitoring of finish quality.

Hall BV

Deltahoek 42, 4511 PA Breskens, Holland
+31 117 381397


Hall Spars New Zealand facility is fitted with temperature, humidity and pressure-controlled clean rooms, two fibre spinning machines for creating masts and a 46-meters long autoclave for curing fibre. Here they produce masts and booms for both racing and cruising yachts. They are also the sole supplier of Hall Spars’ Oceanfurl range of furling booms and build many other components for yachts including hydrofoils and rudders for some of the world’s most high performing yachts.

Hall NZ

Avondale 1026 Auckland, New Zealand
+64 9 427 5472