HCB Composite Battens

Hall Spars' composite sail battens are the new benchmark in sail shape control.

As world leaders in composite spars and components Hall Spars has transferred their technology to make the most advanced sail batten on the planet. Using high quality pre-preg carbon fibre, the battens are manufactured in custom solid aluminum female tooling using 6 bar of pressure to ensure aerospace quality lamination and minimum resin content.

A full range of end fittings are available, from soft sail furling to batten receptacles, lashing outboard ends, adjustable outboard or inboard ends with screw adjusters.

Engineered to your sail designers specific stiffness’ or from our custom range your Hall Composite Battens will take your boat that next step closer to your championship.

Battens for Mainsails

Full-length battens for supporting square topped mainsails or connecting to sail cars.

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Battens for Headsails

A complete selection with the right batten and associated hardware to suit any purpose.

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Hall composite Battens full range of fittings to for installation onto any sail.

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