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2017 saw the integration of Hall Spars into North Technology Group (NTG), a group that is comprised of a diverse family of companies serving marine and manufacturing markets worldwide. Hall Spars and its worldwide customer base have benefited greatly from the increased backing. Their activities will continue in Auckland and Breskens as well as re-assert their presence in Rhode Island with the opening of a new Service facility.

“Hall Spars has long been highly regarded in the mast business and the financial challenges the company faced earlier this year were very saddening but reflect just how tough the marketplace has become,” said Richard Lott, COO of North Technology Group. “Our involvement will secure the design records and so forth to the benefit of existing Hall customers everywhere, past present and future.  We will retain many key staff and much production capability.  It is a great fit for NTG and should be good for all involved.” Lott concluded.

With this acquisition, Hall Spars now joins Southern Spars in NTG’s strong Mast business, as well as Future Fibres, the world’s leading rigging supplier. However NGT is confident that this will not compromise the brands of either Halls Spars or Southern Spars, but instead strengthen their positions as the world’s top two mast suppliers. The group recognizes that each brand serves customers with slightly different requirements. Therefore, with the branding and manufacturing remaining independent from each other, yet under the same proven guidance, the two businesses will have the opportunity to expand their status’ further.

Hall Spars continues to manufacture high performance carbon masts in a single piece, using a male-moulding approach, which allows Hall Spars’ technicians to make seamless mast tubes, which are optimised for stiffness and weight.

“We see the addition of Hall Spars as a further strengthening of the group’s mast making skills” said Sam Watson, CEO of NTG’s mast businesses. “It broadens our reach with the addition of the male mandrel mast building technology.  This balances Southern’s typically female molded approach enabling us to serve all customers’ needs.”



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