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Constantly refined over many years, our manufacturing process is underpinned by the minute attention to detail and meticulous crafting that make our solutions so consistently reliable, and adaptable to the desires of any owner.

Hall Spars’ build process can be broken down into 4 stages; lamination, pre-assembly, finishing and final assembly.


We custom-build pre-preg carbon fibre masts, cured in our aero-space grade autoclave.

  • Thin layers of standard or high-modulus unidirectional pre-preg carbon fibre are applied.
  • Debulking is performed between every layer to eliminate void contents.
  • Spars are laminated at varying orientations, to deliver precise dimensions and strength and stiffness specifications.
  • We typically cure at 6-7 bar pressure, but have the capacity to increase to 8 when required.

Hall’s laminating process results in a perfectly smooth, aerodynamic, weight-optimised seamless mast tube.

All carbon components follow the same process and are autoclave cured.
e.g.  mastheads, spreaders/instrument brackets etc.


All parts are fitted to the mast tube and boom, ensuring each component aligns and fits as designed.

  • The highest quality parts and materials are used in all applications.
  • Advanced machinery is used to execute designs with precision accuracy.
  • Metal parts are machined efficiently by 5 axis milling robots.
  • All metallic parts and smaller components receive surface treatment after pre-fit. This includes paint, polish and anodising.
  • Non-destructive testing is performed.


To guarantee exquisite aesthetics, the finishing team sands and paints every spar in our pressurised, temperature-controlled booths.

  • Dedicated sanding room
  • 2x 60m painting rooms
  • Quality check after each coat
  • A multi layered two component epoxy coating is applied to protect the mast.

We follow ICOMIA Standard 51-18, certification available on request.


Bringing it all together

  • Treated parts and fittings are assembled
  • All electric cables are pulled in
  • Halyard mousing lines are pulled in
  • Mast is pre-rigged as a final factory test
  • Locks, lights and sensors are factory tested
  • Full setup weighed and centre of gravity determined.

Once signed off, the rig package is expertly packed and secured ready for shipping.


RigPro is Hall Spars’ authorised service provider. With a global reach and expertise in every element of the sailing system, the RigPro team takes the helm for dressing, stepping and tuning the rig, following guidance and documentation provided by Hall Spars.

Once the rig is stepped, sea trials commence for the final tune of the rig under sail. If everything goes smoothly, and the customer is happy, a final manual is provided alongside dock tune information. These are provided both to the customer and to RigPro, which retains key information for future service requirements.

RigPro Care

RigPro Care
Access your personalised service log and receive service reminders anytime, anywhere through RigPro’s online customer portal.

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