Spinnaker Poles

Hall carbon-fiber poles are manufactured using the same seamless construction process as our proven quality masts and booms. Each pole is custom molded on a male mandrel then autoclave-cured to eliminate voids. Hall uses unidirectional, pre-preg carbon fiber for the pole’s structure, resulting in maximum strength at minimum weight.


The Hall QuikVang is the original high-performance solid vang. Designed for high-intensity sailing and built for longevity, QuikVang is simple, easy to install and easy to use, and their quality is why they still performing after years on the water.

Hall Spars AutoLocks

Hall Spars AutoLocks take halyard-lock performance to a new level of simplicity. Gone are the days of guessing whether the lock is engaged as our AutoLocks engage automatically every time. Because they work without a trip line, they eliminate the clutter, mast-exit holes, and tangle of lines required by old-style halyard.

Carbon-fibre body: The AutoLock’s carbon-fibre body is strong, light and stylish. Even the internal locks have the carbon-fibre body.

AutoLock brackets: Headsail locks attach to the mast or headstay using a bracket machine from hard-coat anodized aluminium.

Proximity sensors: An optional wired sensor integrated in the AutoLocks also indicates when the lock bullet or slug is in the correct position for locking and unlocking, making an up-stop a secondary measure. Available for large sizes only

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