Hall Spars AutoLocks

Hall Spars AutoLocks take halyard-lock performance to a new level of simplicity. Gone are the days of guessing whether the lock is engaged as our AutoLocks engage automatically every time. Because they work without a trip line, they eliminate the clutter, mast-exit holes, and tangle of lines required by old-style halyard.

Carbon-fibre body: The AutoLock’s carbon-fibre body is strong, light and stylish. Even the internal locks have the carbon-fibre body.

AutoLock brackets: Headsail locks attach to the mast or headstay using a bracket machine from hard-coat anodized aluminium.

Proximity sensors: An optional wired sensor integrated in the AutoLocks also indicates when the lock bullet or slug is in the correct position for locking and unlocking, making an up-stop a secondary measure. Available for large sizes only

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