Hall Spars carbon booms have the same seamless and smooth finish as our Hall Spars masts. Our experienced designers can design a wide variety of booms, tailored to your needs. Lightweight, strong, and reliable, a Hall Spars carbon boom is the perfect complement to the Hall Spars mast.


Hall Spars carbon racing booms, like our masts, maximize performance and we are continually refining our designs in our quest for the best low-windage standard.

In designing your carbon boom, our engineers create a refined laminate to meet and exceed your team’s expected challenges. Finite Element Analysis reveals the loads on the boom under stress, and we confirm the findings with destructive testing. The result is an uncompromising design, ready to meet the challenges of offshore or inshore racing head-on.

Max-depth boom: This boom is favoured by a wide range of  racing programs. The boom’s height is uniform, but its width tapers at the gooseneck and the outhaul. The taper saves weight at the ends, and the max depth provides unrated sail area.

Tapered max-depth boom: Ideal for aggressive racing programs seeking a lightweight solution, the boom is built from high modulus or ultra-high modulus carbon with a honeycomb core. The extreme taper at the outboard end minimizes the torque applied by the mainsheet.

Hall racing boom: The all-around champion of competitive sailing. At a minimum size and weight, the boom structure is all carbon and super-strong and it is available in any modulus of carbon.

Oceanfurl Furling Booms

For any yacht, the Hall Spars Oceanfurl carbon boom is the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and safety. Sophisticated and functional, its sleek carbon-fibre body and seamless carbon furling mandrel ensure superior strength and optimum weight. The Oceanfurl ensures pleasing aesthetics and a perfect fit to the mast.

Trouble-free operation: With its pivot point below the main luff, the Oceanfurl’s furling angle is wider than other systems so it can be reefed or furled when sailing downwind. Its design also transmits the vertical load from the hydraulic vang into the mast, improving the strength and reliability of the overall system in every condition.

Drive options: For the Oceanfurl furling boom, you can choose hydraulic, manual, or electric drives.

Open front optional upgrade: If you’re looking to make your boom a real style show-piece, we offer an upgrade to open fronted design.

Unrivalled attention to detail: The secret to the Oceanfurl furling boom’s sleek style is the clever, tapered design of the mast ramp. This carbon-fibre ramp feeds the sail smoothly from the mast onto the furling mandrel inside the boom.


The Hall Spars carbon fibre V-Boom is a highly refined and stylish addition to any yacht, providing a simple alternative to complicated and heavy mainsail furling systems.

Uncomplicated design: Hall Spars careful tooling ensures a precise fit, and an impeccable finish. Many custom features are available, from a choice of under-boom lighting to custom tapering at the outboard end to match your boat’s transom.

Highly refined systems: The canoe-like structure of the V-Boom enables you to work safely in the boom even under sail in adverse conditions. All systems are easily accessible inside the V, allowing ease of service and removal.

Style and sophistication: We offer a sunshade attachment and under-boom lighting strategically placed over guest areas in the cockpit.


A Hall Spars carbon boom is the perfect complement to the Hall Spars mast, and provides both the style and performance required for a multihull. Our Multihull design team has supplied our carbon booms to some of the most prominent yachts in the field, and has an extensive knowledge in the business.

Our boom designs are carefully balanced between load cases to create a safe product that is moderate in terms of weight. We will provide you with some of the best reef locking systems on the market and a range of options to improve the boom as a working platform: carbon hayracks, truss wings, solid wings or V booms.

Our proven performance furling booms are also excellent addition to your multihull. Whilst are team can also be creative in terms of creating additional use of the boom e.g. being a part of dinghy lift system.

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