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Batten Fittings

Hall Composite Battens is the one stop shop for sailmakers and sailors. We offer a complete selection with the right batten and associated hardware to suit any purpose.

Our battens integrate with other manufacturers fittings so that if you’ve already got a sail but are looking to upgrade your battens, ours slot straight in.

If you’re making a new sail, or want some new fittings, we have our own full range of fittings to for installation onto any sail.

HCB Fittings

Non-Adjustable Luff Receptacles

These receptacles bolt onto the outside of the sail to house the inboard end of the batten on boats of all sizes. Yachts from 40-60 foot will use a plastic version with a hardier aluminium fitting for larger yachts. The tapered end has a threaded slot for connecting to batten cars and comes with an inline slot for normal battens or an offset for gaff battens.

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