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Carbon Masts

Hall Spars’ seamless carbon masts are one of the most aerodynamic rig packages available on the market. Thanks to masts’ optimized section shape and ability to meet the sail design and shape requirements – at a minimum weight. As a result, the Hall Spars seamless mast is lighter for equal bending stiffness.

For cruising or racing, our refined engineering results in a sophisticated carbon rig package and a boat that performs beyond your expectations.


In a high-stakes mast system, the key factors are windage and weight. Hall Spars, with its seamless carbon fibre technology, successfully optimises both. We continually achieve success in the racing arena with highly optimized, race-tested designs that combine proven performance with maximum reliability.

The Hall Spars seamless tube is recognized universally as one of the most clean and most aerodynamic yacht masts available thanks to our advanced FEA and solid modelling tools. From our carbon gooseneck bracket to our seamless spreaders and internal tangs, every detail on our Hall Spars carbon masts are engineered meticulously for maximum performance.

Our company has many years of experience working with both inshore and offshore race design teams. This experience guarantees that your project will move smoothly through the production cycle and will be built exactly as designed, whilst bringing you a clear understanding of the performance benefits of every detail.

High modulus carbon: This carbon has incredible weight savings over standard modulus carbon, as well as being extremely stiff with tremendous strength.

Ultra-low windage details: From our “no-crane” masthead to our single piece mandrel-molded spreaders, we fine-tune every detail for the lowest possible windage.

Enhanced tuning ability: With our carbon-fibre mast chocks, our adjustable spreader systems and our adjustable mast step, our masts have enhanced tuning ability.


Elite sailors around the world look to Hall Spars for systems that are uniquely suited to offshore sailing, knowing that they can put their trust into our proven performance masts. Our revolutionary high-performance cruising mast designs save weight aloft and contribute to improved comfort. Their reduced inertia means less pitching and a smoother sailing experience.

Not only is a Hall Spars carbon fibre mast an example of meticulous engineering and quality manufacturing, the detail and finish also make it beautiful. However, despite working to save precious ounces, we never compromise on safety. Our proven quality masts will get you home safely.

Optimal electronics placement: Hall Spars engineers create optimal spreader laminates to accommodate antennae for all electronics, from navigation to communication devices.

Efficient use of space: We can customize your yachts rig to provide valuable extra deck space and also clear-coat the mast below deck so that you can enjoy the beautiful carbon look in the cabin.

Built to suit your style: At Hall Spars, all of our masts are fully customisable, to produce not just high performance, but real style. Whether you want modern, classic or traditional, we can customize your yachts mast to your specifications.


With many years of experience in the multihull market, Hall Spars are specialists in the design and supply of their masts. Together with the yacht’s design team we will create a unique marriage between your spar and sails and work with you to integrate the rig into the deck layout. We always work to create the perfect combination of performance, comfort and reliability, suited to the yacht’s needs.

With our expert team and our carbon manufacturing technology, we will deliver complete packages (see also our boom section) of mast, boom, beams and also foils such as seen on the SuperFoiler.

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