Dynamo is the new Hall Spars product range, created using a completely integrated mast system, pre-engineered and pre-optimised with a configurable system of componentry and laminates. The new system provides a range of under 60ft carbon fibre masts & booms designed from the bottom up, to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of yacht owners. Every feature has been thought through and selected to ensure it delivers on the Hall Spars promise. The combined efficiencies of this process allow exceptional value for a light, robust, beautifully finished spar system.

All of our Dynamo spars are built using the “Hall Spars method” for mast and booms, as one piece, autoclave cured, pre-preg carbon fibre on male mandrels. This ensures that every Dynamo product has the same high quality seamless finish as our other Hall Spars products.

Components for the Dynamo masts are selected from a scaled collection. By having a pre-optimised design we are able to eliminate project specific engineering costs and invest in better standard features, better styling, better quality and better performance.

Key features:

The spars profiles were derived from CFD studies in order to enhance low weight, low drag coefficients, at target stiffness EI’s.

Lightweight and aerodynamic Carbon Fibre Spreaders.

Carbon Fibre Boom, GooseneckandVang Brackets.

Internal lightweight and aerodynamic rigging connections.

World Class Manufacturing Plant in Sri Lanka

The Dynamo masts, booms and components, are manufactured in our new site in Sri Lanka. The facility is fully optimised with all of the essential high quality equipment that we need to build our seamless carbon spars.

Our products manufactured in Sri Lanka have the same excellence that Hall Spars customers expect, but with the competitive prices that the market expects.


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