The Hall Spars Oceanfurl boom is a premium carbon fibre furling boom system for blue water sailors. Sophisticated and functional, its sleek carbon fibre body and seamless carbon furling mandrel ensures pleasing aesthetics, superior strength and optimum weight. For any yacht, the Hall Spars Oceanfurl furling boom is the perfect combination of performance, convenience, and safety.

Why choose an Oceanfurl?

We have developed and refined the Oceanfurl furling boom for the past ten years and tested in all conditions. It is the premium carbon in-boom furling system for blue water sailors.

The secret to the Oceanfurl furling boom’s sleek style is the clever, tapered design of the mast ramp. The carbon fibre ramp feeds the sail smoothly from the mast onto the furling mandrel inside the boom. Whatsmore, this feature comes whether you have Hall Spars Seamless Mast or a retrofit.

With its pivot point below the main luff, the Oceanfurl’s furling angle is wider than other systems. This enables it to be reefed or furled while sailing downwind, without leaving the safety of the cockpit.

The bolt rope, feeder and gooseneck pivot around a common axis, reducing bolt rope friction and sail distortion when reefed or reaching. Thereby prolonging the life of the sail.

Oceanfurl booms are extremely stiff and capable of handling the torsional loads provided through gybing in heavy airs. The design transmits the vertical load from the hydraulic vang into the mast. Therefore, improving the strength and reliability of the overall system in every condition.

The Oceanfurl boom is supplied with a range of drive options; manual, hydraulic, or electric drives to suit any boat length.

Backed by our authorized service providers, RigPro, the Oceanfurl has access to a worldwide service network for commissioning and servicing.

We've got the boom to match your boat
Oceanfurl furling boom range

Open front or closed front?

Hall Spars offers the Oceanfurl boom in both the open front and closed front configuration.

Open Fronted

The open fronted boom shell option is commonly chosen for its styling which is more sleek and modern than the closed-front option.

Opening the front of the boom brings the leading edge of the mandrel closer to the aft face of the mast.

The result is not only a more modern looking boom shell, but also a smaller mast ramp and feeder, which act to guide the sail on and off the mandrel during furling and deployment, Lower profile goosenecks make the whole system look more streamlined.

This option also gives the benefit of being able to see the sail as it is furling.

Closed Front

The closed fronted boom shell option is commonly chosen because it allows the alignment of the gooseneck axis and the luff of the mainsail.

This ensures reliability when it comes to furling, regardless of the angle of the boom. Furthermore, it is more forgiving in terms of wear and tear on the sail bolt rope, increasing your sail’s life.

Closing the front of the boom shell adds significantly more structural strength to the boom. Less material is required to handle the sailing loads and required safety factors, resulting in a lighter boom shell.


Batten Storage

In-Boom capability for storage of two spare battens.


Autoclave cured pre-preg carbon fibre and Nomex core.

Drive Options

Available with manual, hydraulic and electronic drives on smaller booms.

Emergency Drives

Every boom has an emergency drive supplied to suit the boom and the yacht. This system can hoist and lower the sail.

Furling Mandrel

Hall Seamless autoclave cured carbon fibre tube, tapered at the front end to allow extra room for bolt rope, battens, batten cars and receptacles.

Integral Awning Tracks

Flush internal luff groove integrated into boom shell to suit your awning and sail cover requirements.


Dimmable LED lights recessed over consoles and guest seating areas available in warm or white lighting and a variety of illumination.

Lock System

Custom stainless steel locking mechanism with proximity indicator to allow safe single person operation.

Mainsheet System

Individual side roller sheaves at outboard end of boom, designed to accommodate the boat’s mainsheet system.

Mast Ramp

Autoclave cured pre-preg carbon fibre, designed in conjunction with the mast to allow a seamless luff curve through all sailing conditions.

Preventer System

Internal or external system suited to your yacht, secures the boom downwind to prevent unintended qybing and quiets boom movement when reefing or furling in rough conditions.