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Authorised Service Provider – RigPro

RigPro is the Hall Spars’ authorised service provider, offering comprehensive and professional repair, service and maintenance to racing and cruising yachts around the world.

As an integrated part of the NTG’s mast businesses, RigPro has 24/7 access to our global database of yachts and our excellent engineering design capabilities. With a global and dedicated service design team, RigPro is the only service provider that can offer engineered solutions incl. upgrades and modifications for Hall Spars rigged yachts.

With strategically positioned RigPro service centres around the world, backed up by a rapid response mobile team, a RigPro representative is only hours away.

Whether it is a regular maintenance check, emergency work or a complex upgrade and modification, get in contact with RigPro.

RigPro Care

RigPro Care is a bespoke planned/scheduled service maintenance programme that includes the service recommendation for all the rig and rigging products on your yacht.
A fundamental component of RigPro Care is a RigPro global service database which provides access to yacht service records & future scheduled maintenance across all RigPro service centres and service technicians.

Access your personalised service log and receive service reminders anytime, anywhere through RigPro’s online customer portal.

Service Locations