Gunboat 68-01


  • VPLP Design


  • 68 ft





About the project

The Gunboat 68 is designed for safe, fast world-cruising, with no compromise on performance, luxury, equipment and comfort. Integrating the DNA of Gunboat and over 17 years of developments within the fleet with top industry technology and expertise, the 68 is truly a step-change in the evolution of the brand.  Hall Spars were delighted to be chosen to be a part of this project, providing the mast and boom for the first yacht in the series.

The yacht has a firm focus on lightweight performance, which extends beyond her all-carbon composite construction hull and Hall Spars rig, to her high-end designed interior. The Hall Spars mast, available at 25m or 29m as a regatta rig option, is located further aft than earlier Gunboats combined with an increased beam. This offers a higher safety margin and increased performance.

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