Southern Wind 108 Hybrid


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32.77 m (35.41 m including bowsprit)


Nauta Design and Southern Wind Shipyard with Farr Yacht Design



About the project

Southern Wind 108 Hybrid: Rig Design for a New Era of Efficiency

The awe-inspiring sight of the first Southern Wind 108 Hybrid ‘Gelliceaux’ setting sail was underpinned by a high-level of innovation, reliability, and efficiency, delivered through collaboration between some of sailing’s leading designers and manufacturers. Hall Spars was delighted to collaborate with Farr Yacht Design, Nauta Design and Southern Wind itself—providing trusted performance carbon spars for this landmark yacht.

As hull number one left Cape Town to embark on a lifetime of adventure, it signalled the arrival of a new era. Gelliceaux is the first in Southern Wind’s “Smart Custom” series – which treads perfectly between luxury yachting and the efficiency demands of the 21st century.

Sailing Ahead with SW108 Hybrid

In the pursuit of environmental efficiency, Gelliceaux’s owners opted for a hybrid propulsion system, which has been designed in collaboration with BAE Systems – manufacturers of some of the world’s most advanced defence, aerospace, and security technologies. Their patented HybriGen® Power and Propulsion technology is engineered to be compliant with the world’s most stringent environmental rules, with zero emissions capability and a hydro generation mode to recharge the lithium-ion energy storage when under sail.

Gelliceaux is also equipped with some of the most advanced wind propulsion technology on the leisure market—carbon spars from Hall Spars and composite rigging from our partners at Future Fibres. Of course, over and above having a cutting-edge hybrid propulsion system, being under sail as much as possible is the ultimate way to navigate efficiently and sustainably.

A high-performance composite rig delivers extreme lightness, aerodynamics, and optimal design, which all contribute to a yacht’s ability to perform well in less wind – allowing light winds to take you much further. What’s more, in the case of the SW108 Hybrid, there is the added benefit of knowing that for every second spent sailing, the lithium-ion energy storage is recharging!

Gelliceaux wasted no time in proving her performance power—winning the prestigious St Barths Bucket Regatta overall in her racing debut!

Southern Wind

Jesus Renedo – Sailing Energy

Exciting Sailing, Comfortable Cruising

With the clear brief: “To build a fast race-cruiser that is exciting to sail but could also cruise comfortably and safely around the world”, the team at Hall Spars were in their element. The Hall Spars design library has been developed to balance these precise qualities – delivering elegance and reliability – empowering every type of sailor to live the life they want onboard their yachts.

Our semi-customised solutions are designed to fit perfectly into projects like this – where designers and owners have a clear vision of a bespoke family-oriented experience.

The final product sailing out of Cape Town embodied the familial spirit of Hall’s vision down to a T – performing brilliantly and reliably, with gorgeous aesthetics, easy to handle, and built totally around the sailor(s). Most importantly, Gelliceaux is built for making memories at sea for years to come.

Gelliceaux, during her mast stepping in Cape Town

Gelliceaux, during her mast stepping in Cape Town

Looking Closer

Each of the yacht’s design elements aimed to balance performance and comfort. For example, the hull’s full waterlines and straight end diagonals, its wide, low transom, and full forward sections, which all contribute to stability and handling.

Similarly, Hall Spars’ unique process of crafting carbon spars by layering unidirectional pre-preg carbon fibre, debulking every layer to eliminate void contents, and curing in our aerospace grade autoclave, delivered extreme smoothness and weight savings that provided more than just stunning aesthetics.

The final product was a seamless rig package that performs phenomenally, with minimum weight and maximum aerodynamic efficiency. These meticulous efforts ensure minimal pitching and rolling – making the exciting voyages ahead fast, fun, comfortable and safe.

Gelliceaux’s mast from below

Gelliceaux’s mast from below

When working on custom projects like this, our design software comes into its own, allowing us to tailor everything to the exact desires of the owner – ensuring that the carbon spars and composite rigging perform under precise working loads, and determining key factors like mast section fibre modulus and rigging sizes. In-house software is consistent throughout our group, which allowed seamless collaboration with our partners at Future Fibres, who added their flagship ECsix multistrand rigging to the package.

ECsix cables stand out for their unparalleled combination of performance, durability, and reliability. The same qualities that make them the choice for the top high-performance grand prix circuits around the world also make them supremely efficient for cruisers. As no ECsix cable has ever failed due to age, wear, weather, or water (even through the extreme conditions of the Vendée Globe and the controlled chaos of SailGP), the owners of ‘Gelliceaux’ are well-assured that they have the most durable rigging product on earth.

Gelliceaux after the mast stepping in Cape Town

It gives the Hall Spars team ultimate satisfaction to see months of work (and years of planning) come to fruition with such resounding success, capped off by happy owners sailing off into the sunset (at speed!)

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