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The Hall Spars V-Boom is a sophisticated boom system offering beauty, ease of handling, safety, style and comfort. The first V-Boom was delivered in 2001 for the Swan 56 “AMERIGO” and since then we have delivered over 300 V-Booms, making it one of the most important innovations in modern yachting.

The V-boom provides a simple alternative to complicated and heavy mainsail furling systems. One of the most attractive features of the V-Boom is that it is able to accommodate the entire mainsail inside its deep V-structure, with all of the systems hidden inside the boom, yet they are easily accessible and serviceable.

The boom is made from the highest quality carbon fibre, with the raw material coming with the resins and curing agents already impregnated into the fibre, giving the most accurate building process. The resin content is precisely controlled, ensuring the weight and quality of the laminate is exactly as designed and we use Kevlar Nomex as the sandwich core to provide maximum weight saving and durability. To achieve a spar of the highest quality, our V-booms are cured inside our aerospace grade autoclave.

When choosing your V-boom, many custom features are available such as custom internal vang attachments, custom carbon sheave boxes, optional hydraulics for Outhaul and Cunningham, various reef systems with the possibility of reef locks, under-boom lighting, sun-awning attachments and also custom tapering at the outboard end to match your yacht’s transom.

At Hall Spars, we have the right boom for you. Get in touch with our team at to find out more!


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