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The right sail battens can make a real difference to your boat’s performance. Our HCB Battens hold their shape in all ranges of conditions and sailing angles and their unique design features allow for ease of use and reliability onboard. With short lead times, lightweight construction, and an extensive range of hardware, the HCB Battens are the right choice for you.



HCB Battens achieve the best strength to weight ratio through high pressure and modern moulding techniques. The HCB Battens’ taper is unbeatable because it is done by laminate taper and “ply drops,” not by grinding or sanding the composite. This way, the battens are less brittle and less prone to fracture.



HCB Compression, Flex and Ultraflex batten types cover all your needs. We also supply a full range of hardware for the inboard and outboard ends to deliver a complete package. Our products are compatible with third-party fittings making installing HCB battens a simple exercise.


Our battens have been winning over the biggest names in sail making for years. They have proved themselves at the highest level, having been used on yachts such as the Swan 80 Selene, the Maxi 72 Caol Ila R, and the TP52 Sled.


The European location of our batten production ensures a simple ordering process and shorter lead times.

We supply a full range of hardware for the inboard and outboard ends.


Compression Sail Battens

The HCB Compression battens work as full-length battens for mainsails, and as gaff battens on square tops. The female moulding process produces a superior laminate with high strength-to-weight ratios and the completely smooth surface reduces friction against the sail inside the pocket. The battens, therefore, pop easier from side to side in light winds and will increase the life span of your sail by reducing chafe in the batten pocket.

Flex Sail Battens

The HCB Flex batten is the latest addition built especially for intermediate battens in mainsails.

These battens have a hollow section at the outer end to provide extra stiffness, which tapers down to a solid inboard end. This makes it more flexible to match the specific aero-foil shape of your sail and the unique honeycomb shape of the hollow section makes the battens more resistant to impact.

Ultraflex Sail Battens

Ultraflex plate battens are the lightest in our HCB range. They are the chosen product for smaller main and jib battens. We achieve the bend profile by tapering the laminate, not by grinding or sanding.


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